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ISSN: 1729-5920
О журнале   About LEX RUSSICA

LEX RUSSICA journal - is an academic peer-reviewed law journal published by Kutafin Moscow State Law University. The journal is dedicated to the fundamental problems of the theory of law, law enforcement effectiveness and improvement of the legislative process.

In our journal we also publish the most important scientific research works made in accordance with the order of federal authorities and other organizations, results of other scientific projects and scientific events of the University including scientific meetings, symposiums and conferences.

  • Include articles of the leading law scientists.
  • Founded in 2004
  • Is included in the Russian index of scientific citing.
  • Is included into the list of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles
  • Registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications and Mass Media. Registration certificate ПИ ПИ № ФС77-58927 from 5 august 2014 (Registered in the International Center ISSN – ISSN Print 1729-5920).
  • Frequency: Since 2013-Quarterly
  • The journal is distributed through Unit Catalogue of “Pressa Rossii” or Internet catalogue of ”Kniga Servis” Agency. The index is 11198. You can subscribe to the journal starting from every month.

You can find archive of full articles on our web-site.

In our journal we publish articles on following scientific categories:

  • Winners
  • History of State and Law
  • History of legal thought
  • Theory of law
  • The study of the russian statehood
  • Theoretical liroblems of law branches
  • Perfecting legislation
  • Law enforcement issues
  • Law and economy
  • Fighting crime
  • Euroliean Union law
  • International liublic law
  • International lirivate law
  • Comliarative law
  • Problems of legal education
  • Polemic tribune
  • Anniversary
  • Name in history
  • Name in science
  • Scientific events
  • Reviews