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ISSN: 1729-5920

Административно-правовая охрана земельных отношений в России и на Украине: сравнительно-правовой анализ
Administrative and Legal Protection of Land Relations in Russia and Ukraine: Comparative and Legal Analysis

Опубликовано в номере 12 за 2017 год

DOI: 10.17803/1729-5920.2017.133.12.158-166

Автор: Докучаева В. Ю. / Author: Dokuchaeva V. Yu

Рубрика: Сравнительное правоведение

  1. В статье определены понятие и структура административно-правового механизма охраны земельных отношений в России и на Украине. Указанный механизм опре- делен как система правовых средств и способов, направленных на реализацию и обеспече- ние прав субъектов земельных правоотношений, реализуемых органами исполнительной власти на основе административно-правовых норм. Сделан вывод, что администра- тивно-правовое обеспечение охраны земельных отношений включает определение и раз- витие правовых основ положительн

  2. The article defines the concept and structure of the administrative and legal framework for the protection of land relations in Russia and Ukraine. The mechanism is defined as a system of legal means and ways to implement and safeguard the rights of subjects of land sold by the Executive authority on the basis of administrative legal norms. It is concluded that the administrative and legal support for land protection includes the definition and development of the legal basis for positive regulation and principles, such institutes as land system protection, land as part of the environment, protection of land resources from unlawful encroachments, human security and the prevention of land law offences. Special attention is given to the characteristic of concepts and types of land offences which fall under administrative responsibility according to the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation and the Code of Administrative Offences of Ukraine. Land offence is defined as guilty, wrongful act or omission of an act that is contrary to the law of the land resource management, impedes the enjoyment of the rights and legitimate interests of land owners and violates the order established by the State land administration as a national treasure. Land offences which are subject to administrative responsibility under the Ukrainian legislation, taking into account the regional composition, are divided into three groups: committed by officials, by officials and citizens, by citizens only. The Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation does not provide a single chapter for the elements of land offences subject to administrative responsibility; they are covered in several chapters. It is emphasized that administrative responsibility is a legal phenomenon, a form of State law enforcement: it seeks to protect law and order 166 № 12 (133) декабрь 2017 LEX RUSSICA СРАВНИТЕЛЬНОЕ ПРАВОВЕДЕНИЕ and restore social justice. The purpose of administrative responsibility stated indirectly in its functions: penalty (punitive) and preventive. It is found that there is no single body competent to deal with all cases on administrative offences in the sphere of use and protection of land, neither in Russia, nor in Ukraine. There is a system of such bodies. The main feature of administrative remedies for land relations is the lack of consistency in the absence of adequate communication between the different actors (public authorities, public officials, local governments, judges, etc.).

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